The PKS Law Group, P.C. offers a variety of courses tailored to the needs of California property management companies and investors.

We work with our clients to help ensure compliance with the law through proactive counseling and informative educational seminars. Learn from leading industry-recognized attorneys with extensive experience in teaching thousands of property management professionals throughout the country, as well as organizations such as the California Bureau of Real Estate, the California State Bar, and the California Apartment Association.

Current Course Offerings

Fair Housing

It is important to know your rights and responsibilities under federal, state and local fair housing laws. Learn about protected classes, issues that occur during the tenancy and disability rights. Our fair housing seminars explain how fair housing regulations affect day-to-day operations and special circumstances. The PKS Law Group, P.C. offers seminars in fair housing basics as well as advanced fair housing matters. We also offer specialized courses on disability and how to handle requests for reasonable accommodations and modifications. This knowledge is critical to prevent costly violations and support good business practices.


The Eviction Process

California has very detailed legal requirements for terminating a tenancy. As a landlord, you must be in strict compliance with eviction procedures. If you are not, you may lose your case in court, be required to pay your tenant’s attorney fees and then start the eviction process all over again. This course will review the California eviction process, offer tips for expediting your case and provide guidance in navigating through some of the more difficult issues that arise during the eviction process.


Landlord/Tenant Law 101

Whether you are a new rental property owner or a seasoned investor, understanding California rental housing laws is an important part of being an effective and successful landlord. This seminar will walk you through advertising, the application process and leasing. You will also learn how to respond to common lease violations, how to terminate the tenancy and the proper use and disposition of the security deposit.


Termination Notices

The first step in terminating a tenancy is drafting a legally appropriate termination notice. Eviction cases are often lost because the landlord served an incorrect eviction notice, did not provide sufficient documentation or used improper wording in the eviction notice. This seminar will discuss common lease violations, how to serve a proper eviction notice and how to provide the right documentation. You will also learn techniques for drafting termination notices.


Rent Control & Just Cause

Understanding the legal requirements that pertain to your property can be difficult, especially with recent changes in rent control and just cause ordinances. This customized seminar is designed to assist you in understanding the specific rent control and just cause ordinances that govern your particular property.


Risk Management & Trends

As a landlord, staying aware of current trends and lawsuits facing the rental housing industry is an important step toward minimizing your liability and protecting your assets. This seminar will review the most common lawsuits that owners and property managers face as well as the latest real estate industry trends. The PKS Law Group will provide you with tips for preserving and protecting your property.


New Laws

New real estate laws are passed every year that may require legal and operational changes for your property. This seminar will provide a comprehensive review of recently passed legislation that impacts the rental housing industry.


Question & Answer Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learns are an effective way for property management staff members to have lunchtime conversations about topics of interest that impact their property. Schedule an informal session with an attorney for up to one hour where your staff can ask legal questions and discuss issues they are currently facing with residents. Companies that schedule quarterly Q & A sessions receive a complimentary fourth session.


Property Management Boot Camp

Property Management Boot Camp is the PKS Law Group’s most robust and detailed training course. Find out how to avoid liability and learn about the application process, issues that occur during the tenancy, termination of the tenancy, the eviction process, fair housing laws and current trends in property management.


Labor & Employment

The attorneys at PKS Law Group, P.C., are ready to help you reduce your exposure to costly employment issues. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys assist management and their HR departments with a variety of specialized and generalemployment law needs such as developing effective workplace policies, reviewing employee handbooks, conducting workplace investigations, and provide counseling on all facets of the employment relationship.

Our skilled attorneys can help you navigate through employment disputes involving disability access and accommodation, hostile workplace, sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and retaliation. The PKS Law group also offers a variety of training courses for supervisors and employees. Contact our firm to schedule an effective and informative training on topics including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and workplace accountability. A well-trained team can help you lower your chances of being caught in a lawsuit.


Custom Courses

The PKS Law Group can tailor seminars to meet the needs of your organization. If you have an explicit timeline, a specific agenda or a group of managers in need of training in a particular area of real estate law, our team will work with you to customize a seminar tailored to your needs.

Informative Publications

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