The experienced lawyers at the PKS Law Group, P.C. help California property owners, management companies and individual real estate investors with landlord/tenant issues including rent control, unlawful detainers and security deposit disputes. Contact us for real estate transactions including lease and contract review, fair housing compliance and risk management.

  • 1Rent Control

    Navigating through the various Rent Control and Just Cause Ordinances can be confusing. At the PKS Law Group, P.C. we review the requirements that pertain to your specific property guide you through the process.

  • 2Security Deposit Disputes

    Security deposit conflicts are one of the most common disputes between a landlord and a tenant. We can assist you in reviewing deductions to ensure that you have followed the security deposit procedures correctly. We then assist you in responding to claims made by the resident.


    We can help you draft termination notices and file your eviction case, whether the issue is non-payment of rent, nuisance activity or a breach of the lease.

Failing to follow all the provisions of fair housing laws can be extremely costly and result in a strong impact on your bottom line. Through our extensive experience in fair housing and property management law, we are experienced in resolving issues landlords may face when dealing with allegations of discrimination. We work with you to help ensure compliance with fair housing laws through proactive counseling and educational seminars.

  • 1Lease and Contract Review

    We review and analyze your leases and contracts to help ensure that you are in compliance with federal, state and local real estate law. We will assist you in revising leases and contracts to create lease terms that protect you and your property.

  • 2Risk Management

    Our attorneys provide sophisticated and strategic risk management review. We consult with you to help prevent claims and litigation before they happen. We partner with you to brainstorm strategies to help protect your assets.

The attorneys at PKS Law Group, P.C., are ready to help you reduce your exposure to costly employment issues. Our team of knowledgeable attorneys assist management and their HR departments with a variety of specialized and general employment law needs such as developing effective workplace policies, reviewing employee handbooks, conducting workplace investigations, and provide counseling on all facets of the employment relationship.

Our skilled attorneys can help you navigate through employment disputes involving disability access and accommodation, hostile workplace, sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and retaliation. The PKS Law Group, P.C. also offers a variety of training courses for supervisors and employees. Contact our firm to schedule an effective and informative training on topics including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying, and workplace accountability. A well-trained team can help you lower your chances of being caught in a lawsuit!

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