Oakland Passes a New Law Prohibiting Multi-Family Owners from Interfering with the Choice of Communication Service Providers

On October 29, 2021, the City of Oakland passed Ordinance No. 13663 prohibiting owners of multi-family occupancy buildings from interfering with the choice of communication service providers by occupants. Pursuant to the new law, all property owners of multifamily occupancy buildings, as defined, are required to issue written notice to all existing occupants of their rights contained in the Ordinance within 60 days after the city sends out notification of the Ordinance. All new occupants are required to receive written notice of their rights contained in the Ordinance within 30 days of occupancy. The written notices required by the Ordinance may be contained within a lease or rental agreement, by way of a lease addendum, or as a separate written notification. A copy of Ordinance No. 13663 can be found here: Ordinance No. 13663

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